Our Team

The founders of Team Seva represent various walks of life. An educator, a hotelier, an entrepreneur, a marketing and IT guru — our backgrounds and formal professions may be many, but our mission is unified.


Dev Dugal


Kids. Poverty. Sport. Health. Environment. Dev has been involved in all of these causes by becoming a coach, a mentor, a donor or a marathon runner. Why? Because Dev believes that being involved forges a connection for our families, neighbors and people we’ve never met. It creates community.

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Dev actively lives in the spirit of giving and recognizes the reciprocal nature of compassion. When we share our time and financial resources we get a lot in return. It makes us feel good to become part of something that really matters.

And, since becoming a dad, Dev has wanted to do even more. He wants his kids to have a better world and to be actively involved in creating it. So, Dev has started his own non profit organization to build and maintain a legacy of giving in his family and beyond.

Dev hails from sunny Los Angeles where he spent 18 years years working in the fields of technology, real estate and hospitality. He left his for-profit job in 2013 to focus building Team Seva. He loves Dodgers baseball, 80’s music and will be found most likely hovering over a plate of nachos. Dev’s nucleus consists of his wife Nisha and two beautiful girls, Amaya and Simran.


Dr. Nisha Dugal

Board MEmber

Dr. Nisha Dugal has devoted her life to the field of education and enriching the lives of children in some of Los Angeles’s toughest neighborhoods. She has been accredited as the youngest high school principal at Los Angeles Unified School District serving 4000 students. Most recently she serves as the Senior Director of Secondary Education at Torrance Unified.

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Dr. Dugal is working closely with our partners on the ground driving initiatives based on curriculum and better teaching methodology. She uses her experience as a framework to guide teachers in India to engage and effectively reach more students.

Nisha spends her Fall Saturdays glued to USC Trojans football alongside her equally passionate husband and two adorable daughters. She can also be found singing karaoke to New Edition, lost in a book or enjoying a meal at her favorite local sushi spot.


Beau Athia

Board Member

Beau was born in Gujarat, India, raised in DC, and educated in NYC. Beau is a 2nd generation hotelier with more than 10 years of experience in hotel development and finance. His drive for meaningful work led him to Team Seva.

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While visiting the small villages where his parents were raised, he has witnessed firsthand the critical necessity of education in underserved communities. Beau lives in Maryland with his wife and vigilant doberman pinscher, Casanova.