Service Trip: January 2017


Team Seva went on a service trip to India in 2017. We want you on the next one! Join us for a trip that is going to change your life and also the lives of many underserved children.

While we hash out the details for our next trip, here are some testimonials from family and friends who have joined similar service trips to Manav Sadhna. Reserve your spot using the form below.


“My time with Manav Sadhna was transformational, not just from a seva perspective, but from a creative self development perspective. There is a powerful synergy at Manav Sadhna, an energy that empowers everyone who comes there to be creative, surrender to new experiences, suspend our allegiance to society’s expectations, and to be introspective. It is a reflection of Gandhian times, but one that is very contemporary too. For me, I arrived there quite innocently with my tabla back in 2001, and began to teach street children music on the stone pavilion next to Gandhiji’s home. I had no idea that this one act of giving whatever I had to give in terms of music and art would help crystallize my entire life’s path…to be a musician, to be a community organizer dedicated to music and arts education for all. I encourage everyone who goes on a pilgrimage to MS to embrace their own creativity, and experience the power that art and music can have on all the staff and youth served by MS.”

– Robin Sukhadia


“As a full-time attorney, I had always wanted to be more active in social work, especially in India, but never had the time, until a trip to Manav Sadhna at the advice of Dev with Team Seva. Going to Manav Sadhna was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Having never been to Gujarat, having never spoken the language, still it was like a part of me had been there before. Manav Sadhna is one of the few organizations that allow you to do whatever you are comfortable seeing and doing — from just watching and observing and learning quietly to being embedded in the daily lives of street children, eating with them, living with them, teaching them, learning with them. You will take away lifelong friendships from volunteers all over the world and you will return with a whole new life perspective.”

– Lalit Kundani


“What can I say about this organization that wouldn’t take a lifetime and all the money in the bank? I have been affiliated with MS since 2005 and love every little link I have with my family there. Starting from Jayeshbhai, Anarben and Virenbhai at the top…down to my little Nitesh. A life-changing experience – not to steal a well-known cliché…but just do it!”

– Bharti Patel


“My experiences with Manav Sadhna are similar to many. It lead me to transition into a lifestyle that incorporated giving. Upon returning, I left my corporate career to work and volunteer with nonprofits. This organization is a utopia. It is where people of any economic background have a voice and a chance at hope. Located at the Gandhi Ashram, it can’t help but inspire you to “Be the Change you wish to see in the world”. On average 10,000 people receive care from MS daily! This organization is completely holistic in its approach in dealing with poverty. Projects range from education and health to livelihood projects. I spent time with a variety of activities/projects on my trips to MS, from playing with kids/assisting in art workshops, playing cricket with children who are blind, cutting the nails of children, observing and interacting with those in the slum community and learning about their livelihood projects. It was wonderful to be one of the first to lay bricks for their community center located in the slum.

The inspiration from MS lead my husband and I to create a project called rHope which works with one of Manav Sadhna’s projects called Gramshree. Gramshree enables women to be catalysts of sustainable economic and social change and support their families. Meeting these women and observing how having the ability to earn changes lives and brings systemic change was so inspiring, that we wanted to create a way for people in the US to purchase products made by these women and use the power of their dollar for good.

Here are a few words of advice if going on the trip. Open up your heart and mind, be willing to receive and give of yourself and your abilities in a way that makes sense. Be willing to do anything that that is needed. Be ready for laughter, joy, love, compassion as well as the realities of those in the slum communities. Their stories will never have you see the same way again. Thank you to the Manav Sadhna family for showing me truth, service and compassion. Very excited about Team Seva and the opportunities it presents!”

– Kristeen Singh


“I visited Manav Sadhna for a two-week trip in December of 2013. I contributed some photography to the organization and coordinated a photo workshop for a group of kids near the Ashram, but in reality I took away much more than I gave. I learned a new meaning of hard work and selflessness and I remain inspired by the warmth and support shown within the community. I witnessed uncountable small acts of humanity and their profound impact. Despite uncertainty surrounding the most basic of needs, the attitude is positive and determined. I try to carry this mindset forward daily and I am eager to return to learn, reflect and see many familiar, always smiling faces.”

– Sumit Kohli