The Cause: Manav Sadhna and Ram Rahim Tekra Community Center

Manav Sadhna is a volunteer-driven organization that serves more than 8000 children and women through various community based projects in underprivileged areas of Ahmedabad, India. Manav Sadhna provides nutritional meals, drinking water.


The Need: Clean, cool drinking water in a community learning center.

The Manav Gulzar community center in the Ram Rahim Tekra community serves water to thousands of children. Without a filtration system, the water could have been contaminated or caused illnesses.

Similarly, the old water filtration system at the Ashram had also broken down, and was beyond repair for a number of years. In order to install a new filtration and cooling system at each location, it would cost $2,100 USD.


The Impact: Your pledges to Team Seva have made it possible to:

  • Two commercial water filtration and purifying systems were installed. These units now provide thousands of children fresh, cool and safe water everyday.

  • In addition to serving children during the school day, the neighboring slum community is able to line up in the morning to secure one container of fresh water per household