Manav Seva Updates | 2nd Annual Benefit Party
Mission: To break the cycle of poverty in India's underserved communities by empowering children with education.

JULY 2016

In January, we inaugurated and officially opened the Manav Seva Community Center.  The center has served in multiple capacities in addition to classrooms for over 200 slum children. We have held celebrations, dance workshops and health camps in addition to daily sessions.



Join us on October 1st for the second annual Party With A Purpose.  Dance, laugh and connect with the Team Seva community.   All proceeds go directly to causes.

NEW NGO PARTNER:  In January, we met with over a dozen NGO's in four Indian cities. We were exposed to so many great organizations and inspiring individuals.  Team Seva has partnered with a NGO called Manzil in New Delhi.  We are thrilled to collaborate closely with their team to improve the education platform for the communities they impact.  Learn more: http://manzil.in/

SERVICE TRIP:  Please let us know if you are interested in joining for a service trip to India in January 2017.  Need final commitments by Aug 1.  LEARN MORE.

INDIA CHARITABLE TRUST:  Team Seva will be setting up an official Charitable Trust in India.  It will be the equivalent to a 501c3 in the states for the country of India.  With the guidance from partners on the ground, we have started the paperwork recently.  Once approved, we will be able to accept domestic donations in India from private and corporate donors looking to join our vision.. 

KRANTI: This summer has been the summer of Kranti!  Many of the girls have been accepted to development programs in the USA and UK.  They range from vocational training, deaf camps and entrepreneurship academies.  LEARN MORE.

COMPANY MATCH:  Does your company match donations to a non-profit?  Many large organizations like Google, Capital Group, Boeing, etc provide company match programs.  Please let us know so we can make a larger impact!

We thank our dear active pledge family for the continued support as we collectively, break the cycle of poverty in India.
- Team Seva Board
  Nisha, Dev & Beau

Team Seva is a fully volunteer-run for purpose organization.