The Cause: Ekatva U.S. Tour 2012

Ekatva was an experiment to touch the lives and spirit of 16 underprivileged children from India, through the mediums of dance, music, performance and most importantly, love. Through this journey we hoped to spread seeds of goodness and compassion throughout the world. They embarked on a world tour with multiple stops including Los Angeles and Washington DC, respectively where Dev and Beau live.


The Need: Raising nearly $200K to support the logistics of the tour.

Venue: Each city required a performance venue for the traveling show.

Fundraising: Dev started a crowdfunding campaign for his birthday in 2011 on Indiegogo to raise money to support the 2012 tour and also secured a corporate sponsor to match the raised funds. Team Seva also spearheaded the national ticketing platform for all performances which 100% of the proceeds went to support the tour.

Marketing: Marketing needed to be initiated one year prior to the launch of the tour. Coordinated efforts with multiple cities was required in the overall marketing strategy.

Transportation: Beau’s family donated the use of their hotel shuttle vans for the Ekatva team. This allowed Ekatva to provide the children transportation around DC without having to rely on taxis or public transportation. Dev coordinated three 15 passenger vans for the Ekatva troupe to use during their Southern California visit and many volunteer vehicles to logistically move staff and stage props.

Housing: Beau and his family hosted the Ekatva team during their DC leg of the tour. Ekatva was provided hotel accommodations for their five day stay in Washington, DC. They were also provided space to practice and fine tune their theatrical performance.


The Impact: Monetary: $32,250 | Volunteer Time: 500+ Hours

Venue: Dr. Nisha Dugal, a principal at the time in Los Angeles, secured the use of the 1,400 seat auditorium on her school site. Dev and Nisha also worked tirelessly to support a second show in Orange County for 550 guests.

Fundraising: Collectively with online campaigns, social media pledges and personal donations, Team Seva raised a combined $20,000.

Marketing: Team Seva orchestrated multiple “facebook flash mobs” nationally to promote the tour before arriving in each city. We had over 300 people posting at one time on their facebook feed at the exact set time to bring awareness to the great event with great success. Focus was also given to word of mouth marketing and broadcasting the events within the local community.

Transportation: By providing two hotel shuttle vans, Team Seva was able to save Ekatva $2,000 in transportation expenses.

Housing: $10,000 in hotel accommodations were donated to Ekatva during their DC visit.