The Cause: E-Classroom Pilot Project

Team Seva saw the need to supplement traditional classroom methods with progressive technology based initiatives. We have since set out to partner with a local technology firm (Intel India) on our first pilot program to bring e-learning into the classroom.

What is an e-classroom? An e-classroom utilizes technology and audio visual teaching aids to ensure students can continue to excel. E-classrooms provide fresh content and tutorials that increase student engagement and foster student independence. Our classrooms equip students with mini netbook computers that are paired to the teacher’s computer for seamless interaction and support. Students follow along in their native language on the device as the teacher broadcasts lessons on a projector and screen.


The Need:

To provide teachers a more efficient turnkey platform which reaches students collectively and individually, while also giving students easier adoption of technology through the use of native language software with a simplified toolset.


The Impact:

Financial Impact: E-classrooms allow teachers to move away from traditional textbook reliance. This results in a reduction of classroom establishment expenses in the long-term.

Student Impact: Traditional classrooms provide constraints for one-on-one relationships with teachers due to the number of students per class, resulting in lack of confidence. In an E-classroom setting, students are able to utilize technology to follow at their own pace while teachers monitor individual progress. This blended approach will allow students to thrive in a group setting.

Since a teacher may find it difficult to individually ensure that every child is clear with the lessons taught in the class, there is also a tendency of many students being confused. There are times when a child, who has many doubts, will not yet approach the teacher out of embarrassment or shyness. This is where an E-classroom comes into play. It becomes an assistant of the teacher, as it aides each student to be cleared of his doubts easily. It acts as a student’s best friend and is at his disposal 24/7 throughout the year.

Teacher Impact: The E-classroom allows teachers to reach students on a larger scale while monitoring individual student progress. Teachers can provide individual support privately when necessary. The E-classroom serves as a virtual assistant to teachers that help students grow at an individual pace. Teachers are less stressed allowing them to provide a higher quality of education and support.