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Mission: To break the cycle of poverty in India's underserved communities by empowering children with education.


2017 wraps up with another year of fruitful projects in India's underserved communities. Many young students entered their first form of schooling, while others ventured overseas and stepped foot on a university campus.  The year kicked off with our amazing Service Trip and we finish strong with budgeting and a hyper focus on our second community center. You can help to break the cycle of poverty at: 


MANAV SEVA CENTER: Classes are running smoothly and teacher development has been phenomenal. Click these links for full updates for the Center and plans to add a small kitchen & working bathroom for the kids.  Manav Seva Update  |  Architectural Drawings 

KRANTI: Many of the girls have soared to new heights across the globe. Four girls are in the USA; Danish and Farah enrolled at a University in Los Angeles, Sandhya is attending Wagner University in NY and Amrin is accelerating at a deaf school in Colorado. Many of the girls are focused on entrepreneurial ventures within India and sourcing additional education opportunities abroad.

CHHOTI SI ASHA: Team Seva continues it supports of the Badlaav Library project in Chandigarh. This year, the center increased the amount of workshops and focused on internships for the students. Read an update here.

MANZIL: We at Team Seva firmly believe that enrichment happens in many forms and many times outside of the classroom. One amazing highlight from our work with Manzil was a field trip for the students to Nagaland to explore, volunteer and inner reflection. Read about the trip here.
Here is a breakdown of expenses for Team Seva in 2016. 100% of public pledges are directed to projects on the ground. Any administrative expenses are covered by the Board or one of our corporate sponsors. The 2017 Expense Report will be provided after we file our taxes in 2018. Click here to see the expenses.

SERVICE TRIP JAN 2017:  We had an amazing trip to India in January. Next service trip slated for Dec 2018. If you missed the collection of pictures, click here to see the photos.

SECOND COMMUNITY CENTER & SCHOOL:  Team Seva is excited to support our second community center in partnership with Manav Sadhna in Ahmedabad. This existing community center services nearly 1000 slum residents a day. More details coming soon.

NEW WEBSITE: We are planning to launch our new website in the first few months of 2018. We are actively working behind the scenes to update the new site with all of our active projects as we continue to grow as an organization.

END OF YEAR DONATION: It's not too late to end your year with a tax deduction! Give today and change the lives of many. www.teamseva.org/pledge

We thank our dear active pledge family for the continued support as we collectively, break the cycle of poverty in India.
- Team Seva Board
  Nisha, Dev & Beau

Team Seva is a fully volunteer-run for purpose organization.