The Cause: Community Center Project

The Shankar Bhuvan slum community is located in the Shahpur area of Ahmedabad. The people of Shankar Bhuvan consists mainly of fruit and vegetable vendors, and other who take part in daily wage jobs. Similar to many other slum communities, Shankar Bhuvan faces many problems, including education, health, sanitation and gender inequality.


The Need:

For 15 years, a street education program has been managed at Shankar Bhuvan. Manav Sadhna has maintained a small non-formal school within Shankar Bhuvan by renting a small room. Kiran Pandya, once a street school boy, has joined Manav Sadhna and currently has 70 young children who attend the non-formal school everyday.


The Impact:

Financial Impact: Team Seva will provide the necessary funds to build a sustainable community center focused on education within Shankar Bhuvan. The funds will cover the salaries for a coordinator and two teachers, nutrition and meals, rent and utilities, field trips, school supplies and transportation for any outings. The annual financial impact will be over $11,500.

Student Impact: Education, nutrition and empowerment. The program and offerings will provide children an education that will empower and enable them to break the cycle of poverty.