The Cause: Chhoti Si Asha

Chhoti Si Asha provides women and youth in the underprivileged communities of Chandigarh, India with the skills necessary for a sustainable livelihood. They do this through programs such as after school tutoring, which provides educational support to children who are otherwise overlooked in their day schools of 100 plus students per teacher, and a preschool project, which aims to provide early childhood interventions for children ages 4–7.


The Needs:

Team Seva’s donations have gone towards funding some of Chhoti Si Asha’s basic needs.

Space: The afterschool tutoring program was housed next to an open sewer, in a single room with a leaky roof. In the rain, the sewer would overflow, sending dirty water into the center. The organization was in great need of a clean space where children can be taught the fundamental concepts being covered in school.

Transportation: The location of the slum community on the outskirts of the city was making it difficult for the program to take children on trips and events in the city, as rickshaw fares are costly and it is a 30 minute walk to the nearest bus stop.

Materials: The preschool project is a new initiative. The effective implementation of early childhood education required the purchase of resources and books for the children’s use.


The Impact: Your pledges to Team Seva have made it possible to:

Rent an adequate space for the after school tutoring program. Formerly, the educational center was one room by an open sewer that flooded in the rain. Now, the program can afford to rent a clean space with 2 rooms—a library and an area for quiet study (Rs. 3000/month)

Cover the cost of transportation for children and youth to go on important outings and field trips, such as dance classes, meeting the Indian Premier Cricket League Team, and attend an internship-style work program at five-star hotels in the city.

Make a one-time investment of necessary educational toys and books for the preschool project (Rs. 3000)

Continually support the teacher’s salary who is spearheading the preschool project (Rs. 8000/month)