Two India Visits | New School Launch | Water Cooler Install
Mission: To break the cycle of poverty in India's underserved communities by empowering children with education.

APRIL 2015


We wrapped up the first quarter of the year with two visits to India; Dev in January and Beau in March.  We took FOUR suitcases of educational supplies and worked tirelessly in the slum communities to connect hearts and minds.  Together with our NGO partners, we established a brand new school from what once was a small street school of 10 kids to now over 200 students.  Exclusive pictures and videos posted on the TS Facebook page!

Beau distributing educational supplies to teachers and students in Ahmedabad that he packed in a suitcase from the US.   Aligned with curriculum and innovative tools, teachers are better equipped to use progressive techniques to reach students.
Here are the beautiful kids of Shankar Bhuvan, our newest school and community center, with Dev in January.  We have now established five classrooms servicing over 200 students with 6 full time teachers.
:: E-classroom program is working great and we are expanding to a fourth classroom in the upcoming months.  Student engagement and learning capacity continues to grow rapidly with the use of new student-centric technology.

:: Installed a new water cooler at the Girls Primary School in the village of Jarod.  This is the second water cooler system 
installed by Team Seva for the nourishment of 
students and community during the extreme heat in India. 
:: SAVE THE DATE!  AUG 29th.  Team Seva hosts a Party With A Purpose in Southern California.  100% of proceeds to benefit causes.  More details coming soon.

:: Now is the time to order your "GIVE BACK" shirts.  We have re-stocked after selling out earlier this year.  All sizes available.

:: DECEMBER 2015 SERVICE TRIP.  Join us later this year as we head to India for a service trip. Dates are set from December 19th to 29th.  More info here.

:: For as little as TWO Starbucks Visits or ONE Round of Drinks, you can join Team Seva on our mission.  Pledge here

We thank our nearly 100 active pledgers for the continued support as we collectively, break the cycle of poverty.
- Team Seva Board
  Nisha, Dev & Beau

Team Seva is a fully volunteer-run 501c3 organization.